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Tulane students typically eat little fresh fruit, and after some research, I conclude it into several basic reasons. First, this is a food culture thing in American hospitality industry. Sometimes people simply don’t like fruits and vegetables, but often American diet is simply not fruit or veggie-centric. If you look at most menus posted in LBC in front of each food counter, you will notice that the entrees are primarily meat or grain based: “BEEF STEAK”, “ROSTED CHICKEN”, “PASTA DISH””SAUSAGE PIZZA””SANWADGE””STEAMED RICE””HAMBURGER”… Salad served in LBC tends to consist of some vegetables and fruit, but the amount of fruit is really limited.
Usually, Fruit is only an after-thought in most dishes, or people tend to enjoy fruit during the break in afternoon. But existing cup-fruit is standardized and is not flexible for the preference of different fruits. it’s disappointing for some people because of the limited varieties there. Different people have different appetite for fruit. For example, Apple is known as the “king of fruit”, but I still keep on hearing some people’ complains about the bad taste of apple.
Furthermore, fruits and vegetables also haven’t been extensively packaged in ready-to-eat forms. There are rows and rows of “open and eat” lunch meats, cheeses, cereals, granola bars, crackers, but just a handful of easy to consume, fresh fruit options. Most fruits require washing and peeling, perhaps chopping, steaming or boiling to really enjoy. The lack of convenience in preparation probably also defers consumption.
Some students prefer to bring fruit from home. This is a practical option, but not always optimal. Based on my experience, it is a huge challenge for your brain to remember to put an apple into your bag before you rush for the last minute, and most of times you fail.

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