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Behind the pupil is a lens that focuses incoming light ray into an image on the retina, multilayered tissue on the eyeballs sensitive inner surface. The lens focuses the rays by changing its curvature in a process called accommodation. If you were to follow the single energy particle into you eye, you would first make your way through the retinas outer layer of cells it buried receptors cells, the rods and cones. When you get there you would see a light energy trigger chemical changes that would spark a neural impulse, activating the neighboring bipolar cells. Following the particles path, you would see axons from the network of ganglion cells converging, like strands of rope, to form the optic nerve, that carries information to your brain. Where the thalamus will receive and distribute information. The images on the nasal sides of each retina cross over to the opposite side of the brain via the optic nerve at the optic chiasm. The temporal images, on the other hand, stay on the same side. This allows the images from either side of the field from both eyes to be transmitted to the appropriate side of the brain, combining the sides together. This allows for parts of both eyes that attend to the right visual field to be processed in the left visual system in the brain, and vice versa.The lateral geniculate nucleus is the primary relay center for visual information received from the retina of the eye. The lateral geniculate nucleus is found inside the thalamus of the brain.
The lateral receives information directly from the ascending retinal ganglion cells, optic tract and from the reticular activating system. Optic radiation is a collection of axons relay neurons in the lateral geniculate nucleus of the thalamus carrying visual information to the visual cortex (also called striate cortex) along the calcarine fissure. There is a visual cortex in each hemisphere of the…...

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