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Big Red One
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Answer # 1:
Soldiers by definition must be killers during war however not peacetime, and certainly not murderers. These circumstances are characterized, as Sarge discloses to Griff, by their pioneers and government officials who orchestrate a cease-fire, after which killing is not allowed any longer and a fighter has indeed dedicated murder. The distinction between the two activities is appeared to be more significant to Sarge, an old warrior from WW1 than it is to the far more youthful squad of Zab and Griff.
Answer # 2:
The movie portrays death in a way that may be new and unfamiliar for the individuals who remain unaware of war aside from what they realized in war movies. I trust that fear doesn't postpone demise and death, thus it is pointless. A person is hit in this way, he's hit, and there is no turning back.
Answer # 3:
This scene indicated that the unit is having food and a boy at the camp wants to exchange cigarettes for booze. Pvt. Zab (Robert Carradine) makes an arrangement with him and takes a drink out of the jug before spitting it right retreat. There is likewise a young lady, viewing the Sergeant eat and trading looks with him.
Presently the kid offers them sensual pictures and Pvt. Vinci says that they could get an entire group of concubines for a pack of smokes. The Sergeant gets up, leaving whatever remains of his supper for the girl, and clears out. Pvt. Griff (Mark Hamill) watches him leave and afterward watches the girl eat. The scene shows the act of kindness and humanity, even in the situation of war, towards the ones who are the victims of scarcity.
Answer # 4:
From the disarray on Omaha Beach to the scene with the girl biting the dust in Lee Marvin's arms. He was available at the freedom of the Falkenau concentration camp. Pvt. Griff; A gifted marksman who…...

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