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Bill HB 18

Bill HB 18
Aycock filed the bill on third, February 2015. The bill forbids landlords and private operators from including the provision in rental agreements or any other contract that prohibits displaying the United States flag, the POW/MIA flag, or service flags that the United States Secretary of Defense authorizes. The bill forbids condominium and neighborhood associations from encompassing a provision in any governing document that exempts displaying the Ohio flag or service flag. A prohibition would be subject to outlined conditions, and trustees of such associations would not be allowed to construct a provision in their constitution for such a purpose. Under the bill, such unauthorized construction or provision would be void and undermine public policy (Aycock, 2015). Moreover, the bill outlines criteria that enablers will discuss with landlords and home operators when tenants wish to display flags of the United States on masts or affixed brackets.
Stages of the Bill
Stage 1
The bill HB 18 was initially proposed by Aycock on 3/2/2015
Stage 2
The bill was reported to the House Committee on Public Education. Eleven members voted for the Ayes. There were zero Nays. Everyone voted among those present.
Stage 3 Following the unanimous decision by the House, the Bill was passed awaiting further amendments and discussions.

Stage 4
The bill was brought before the Senate Committee on Education. Again, 11 members voted for Ayes. Everyone voted, and there were zero Nays.
Stage 5
The Senate passed the bill
Stage 6
The Governor signed the bill into law; gave assent to authorize its application.
Stage 7
The bill became a legislation; it became operational immediately.
Analysis of the Bill The bill requires that a tenant wishing to install a flag pole for displaying a flag…...

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