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Bill Nye the Science Guy

Back then when everything was so very tall, so much that all the cookies I wanted were always out of my reach, I hardly had anything to do in my life. I guess my mom was too correct when she said all I needed to do was grow up and be healthy; the most fun thing I remember myself doing is play around with those buttons on the television that my dad never seemed to touch. Of course, my actions resulted in the addiction to television that I have at this moment, but I’m thankful for my past self. If it wasn’t for my kid-self, I wouldn’t have found Bill Nye the Science Guy.

When the playful music started in the introduction, I found myself liking the flying gewgaws and things (most of which were supposedly science-related), and the floating head that spun around with a smile. After the 5th occurrence of the name Bill, I started singing along, even in the sections that didn’t involve any lyrics. It was clearly a cleverly designed mind control scheme; I knew I was going to be compelled to see another episode later. Nevertheless, I simply had to continue watching.

As soon as the theme song finished, there were scientists who talked about the topic for the day. I was filled with hope that I could be a scientist too because I could relate to those kids on the show. Then the man himself exploded out of the corner of the screen and started wildly talking about whatever he was talking about. I figured I was supposed to be excited, because he was talking loudly and there were words flying all over the television screen. I laughed like a little child, though I can’t imagine how else I would have laughed.

Bill Nye flew like an albatross, the kids created lava out of ordinary chemicals, and I sat amazed. There was no stopping the man and his crew of little geniuses; with science by their side, they could make dense liquids sink below…...

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