Biography of an Autocratic Lefty

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Biography of an Autocratic Lefty

Allister Von Crane was born and raised in a small town in Germany. His father and mother were the son and daughter of two different political leaders; he had one sister who died at child birth leaving him an only child. Allister was always brought up to be a tough man and moreover he adopted the character from his parents’ lifestyle who were atheist. Allister was home schooled and his parents were also of a wealthy background. (The Von in Allister’s name was a sign of aristocracy). Allister was born in 1906, when his Grandfather ruled as one of the most powerful dictators in history of Germany. Being that Alister was the only Grandson. His grandfather brought him up in a way so that one day he would take his seat as a dictator and ruler of Germany, when he was no longer able to carry on his task. Just as his Grandfather was a warlord and was feared by all his colleges Allister was feared even more. In 1931 when his grandfather died Allister took over his grandfather position of leader at a tender age of twenty –five. Not only was he the youngest authoritarian leader ever to rule over Germany but he was also the worst in his time. He didn’t value Christianity; he made the economy sore by all means, as was always ready to punish anyone who defies his authority. His army was one of the biggest in the world and Crane had more than enough weapon of destruction to go into bloody battle with any country that questioned his authority. Growing up in a society where dictatorship was all he knew about, this made Crane one of the most crude and aggressive businessmen ever to cross the face of Germany.

Although his country was wrong in many ventures whether within or internationally, he was always in support of his country whether it was right or wrong. Moreover anyone who was a citizen of Germany and tried as much as defying his…...

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