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Video 3: The Weight of the Nation
Watch the third installment of “The Weight of the Nation” series at The video in its entirety is about 68 minutes long, however the questions below are drawn from minute 9 to minute 49). Complete the following questions based on what you learned in the video. Upload your completed worksheet to the dropbox labeled “Weight of the Nation Pt3. Be aware that our next small group discussion topic ties in to question 3 below.
List at least 4 factors mentioned in the video that have contributed to the rise in obesity? (1 pt)
Early childhood eating habits, stress, less scarcity of food, communities being car dependent (less walking or biking to work and school), less physical activity overall, sedentary lifestyles, increased screen time, people eating at restaurants more, our general built environment, adding sugar to the food supply, and meat consumption are some contributing factors contributing to the rise in obesity.
a. What is the profit margin for soft drinks? (0.25 pt)
Since the 1980s, soft drinks saw only a 20% increase in costs. On average there is a 90% margin on soda.
What is the profit margin for fresh produce? (0.25 pt)
Since the 1980s, fresh produce saw a 117% increase in costs. There is on average a 10 % margin on fresh produce.
Why does this difference matter (from a consumer perspective)? (0.5 pt)
The most dominant crops in the country (corn, wheat, soy, etc) are the basis of many key ingredients in our food. The consumer can afford soft drinks more so than fresh produce. A person can buy 3 liter bottle of soda for a dollar. This is high in sugar and calories. If a consumer's income is lower, they are going to purchase things high in portion sizes, high in calories and for as little money as possible. This is contributing to obesity.
Explain the suggested link between US farm policy…...

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