Bioremediation Methods for Oil Spills

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Bioremediation Methods for Oil Spills


I. Introduction

II. History of Bioremediation 1. ‘Courtship’ Period (Pre-1989) 2. ‘Honeymoon’ Period (1989-1991) 3. ‘Establishment’ Period (since 1992)

III. The Biological and Chemical Processes of Bioremediation 1. Biodegradation a. Biological Process b. Degrading Species c. Chemical Process d. Need for Bioremediation 2. Bioremediation a. Seeding with Microbial Cultures b. Environmental Modification

IV. Recent Applications of Bioremediation Techniques and their Effectiveness 1. Amoco Cadiz 2. Exxon Valdez 3. Mega Borg 4. Apex Barges 5. Arabian Gulf War

V. Conclusion


Bioremediation Methods for Oil Spills

Abstract. The increasing number of marine oil spills asks for effective solutions for the environment. Bioremediation techniques have become a major mechanism for removing oil residues on the affected shorelines. Among the different techniques to enhance natural biodegradation by indigenous microorganisms, seeding of new bacteria and fertilizing the indigenous populations have attracted the most interest. The application of nutrients as nitrogen and phosphorus in the form of fertilizers have shown to be most effective in accelerating the biodegradation process and at the same time to be environmentally safe.

I. Introduction

Since the freighter Pallas caused the worst oil pollution of the tidel shallows in the North Sea last November, thousands of sea birds and probably numerous other species lost their lives in the polluted water. The responsible parties have not yet taken any measures to mitigate the damage, neither have they provided for the prevention of a similar catastrophe in the future. This is especially striking as the first devastating oil spill occurred no less than ten years ago, when the tanker…...

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