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BIS 261
Homework Question WK3
1. In terms of how the customers would be selected to participate in the telephone survey would be the customers that are utilizing the system, so they have some knowledge of the current online trading system. I don’t think it would need to random since you would be looking for the customers that have some experience with using the current system. It would probably be beneficial to use some customers that came from your competition as well, because they may have used the competitor’s online trading system, which may help in designing John & Jacob, Inc. online trading system.
What changes need to be done regarding the interface (how the web site looks)?
What would be an acceptable load time for the pages when accessing the site?
2. Here would be a few questions, on a questionnaire, I would ask regarding the online trading system:
On the homepage would you like to see Real-Time stock quotes?
Would you like to have a link in the web site to have a group chats and a bulletin board?
Would you like to have options to either use a standalone software version or browser based software?
Would there be interest in a gain/loss tracker for the system (for example capital gains/losses through the year)?
When logging into your account, would you like to choose your start page (for example UserID, Password, Choose a start page, Log on)?
What function would you like to see that would help with investment objectives?
Would you like to see alerts on stocks when they gain or lose via personal e-mail?
What would be the most important function you would like to see on the trading site?
3. After interviewing a larger group I would want people that were knowledgeable about the current site. I would also like to add Technical staff, Managers, and Project Team members. I would have the two project leaders that have the knowledge behind the…...

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