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Our customers are mainly young students or the people who work. Young people to pursue fashion and distinctive, this is what I plan our attractive place. According to our survey found that 90 percent of the products on the market too monotonous. Our site is located in a plaza in the middle schools and shopping malls. plaza larger flow of people, the location is convenient. A short distance from the school, there is direct access to the bus. From the mall is also very close. This is why we choose student plaza reasons.
According to the survey, from school every day arriving plaza bus 15-20 minutes there will be a group, which ensures that our flow of people. plaza has a Starbucks and other famous stores is also a place to attract customers. Minute walk from the school is also a good choice.
House stationery goal is to give students a more convenient way to buy school supplies , and more variety of options . We are committed to our customers to enjoy their time and learn to appreciate their diverse selection of our products . We expect that the store will attract potential customers in and out of school . According to our product and business direction, there is no big a risk in our business , as the world's most commonly used stationery items . We plan to reach the breakeven point in the third quarter of operation , and according to the accumulated profits , then gradually developed .

As far as I know, we do not have a similar brand or shop in the plaza. So we considered their pioneering a new market .In crossgate mall and school bookstore. They just sale the normal stationery and jewelry, but they do not focus on quality or design. They look like all the same except color. So that is a good opportunity to sale different kinds of stationery. Starting from our school , we can take 190 to our house stationery. Just two stops from school. Or just drive 3min.As…...

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