Black and Ethenic Minorities in the New Europe

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DARIA C. KIRBY (University of Pittsburgh)
JAMES S. JACKSON (University of Michigan)

In this paper the authors examine the development of racial discrimination policies in the European Union. Firstly, authors examine the impact of the single market on ethnic and racial minorities living in Europe's member states. And secondly, they discuss the preliminary findings from a survey examining Black Britons perceptions of racial discrimination in the workplace. Authors use this information as a point of departure to expand the discussion on the development of a European Union-wide policy on racial discrimination.
In the paper authors use a multifaceted approach to gain further understanding of racial discrimination issues in the EU. There is especially a need for cross-national approaches that seek to find commonalties and differences. Thus, authors can come to understanding how different socio-historical contexts and types of subordinate groups are treated by dominant members. Findings on the survey done by the authors replicate the construct validation findings from previous work done in the United States and thus, authors conclude that the blatant discrimination in the workplace construct has cross-national validity. The authors of this document present two key arguments in support of community wide legislation. First, they assert that while national legislation in the members states has a vital role to play, due to extreme variations in the racial discrimination policies it has not succeeded in tackling the problem. Secondly, they argue that community action against racism and xenophobia is now necessary due to the fact that injustice discrimination interferes with the free movement of persons, and that variations between national levels of protection will discourage persons likely to suffer discrimination from moving to those states…...

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