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The title of article is a study of Cultural Tourism in Malaysia in the perspective of Indian tourists. The authors of this article are Kiran Sarkar SUDIPTA, Kumar Lenka SARAT, and George P. BABU. This article had been explained about Malaysia Tourism of Indian tourists more detailed but it does not measure timeframes. Abstract is well explained, here they had explain well about Malaysia's tourism industry and cultural tourism especially Indian tourism and how are cultural as well as historical attractions of Malaysia viewed from the perspective of international tourists from India.
In the introduction part they had been explained well and give more details about the historical place and states in Malaysia. In this journal, they have explained about the culture and historical, archaeological sites and attractions in Malaysia more detail.
In this journal they have done questionnaire as a tools to identify the Indian tourist who visit Malaysia, this method is very useful to do the research about Malaysia tourism, from the quantitative methodology they have explained the city most of the tourists like to go. In this questionnaire they have prepared some question which are about age, sex and income as well as issue like purposes of visit, cultural, questions and analysis is good. They have analysis well but the pie chart will be more suitable for clear and better explanation rather than table.
This article has written about the purpose of Indian visitor visit Malaysia, the most places visitor like to visit such as Malacca, Penang, Kuala Lumpur, Pahang and so on. In addition, culture is not main purpose of them and most of the Indian tourists according to this journal visit Malaysia other than cultural and should be created through appropriate promotional efforts so that cultural and historical or archaeological attractions of Malaysia are given…...

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