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A company buys a new parcel of land. Which of the following items is properly debited to the land account?
Question 1 options:
a. paving a road to access the land
b. demolishing an existing structure c. the fees on a mortgage loan on the land d. planting of trees and shrubs

Question 2 (5 points)
What type of asset is subject to depletion?
Question 2 options:
a. natural resources
b. a literary work c. an intangible asset
d. a computer

Question 3 (5 points)
Which is NOT an intangible asset?
Question 3 options:
a. a patent on a new invention b. a copyright on a musical work c. an estimated amount of coal in a piece of owned land that has not yet been mined d. a contract granting the company a right-of-way
Question 4 (5 points)
Which is NOT an advantage of a corporation compared with a partnership or sole proprietorship?
Question 4 options:
a. The corporation's existence is unaffected by the death of an owner. b. Owners enjoy limited liability. c. It is easier to raise large amounts of capital. d. The total tax burden is lower.

Question 5 (5 points)
If a corporation's stock is purchased by the corporation on the open market but is held in treasury and not retired, which of the following is correct?
Question 5 options:
a. A credit will be recorded to the treasury stock account, which is a liability account. b. A debit will be recorded to the treasury stock account, which is an equity account. c. A debit will be recorded to the treasury stock account, which is a liability account. d. A credit will be recorded to the treasury stock account, which is an equity account.

Short Answer
Prepare the following journal entries. Dates and descriptions are not required.
Question 6 (5 points)
A company sells a fixed asset (equipment) for $30,000. The asset originally cost $80,000 and had accumulated depreciation of $55,000 at…...

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...Table of Contents 1. Back in the spring he began to limp. 2 2. At the clinic, I couldn’t stay quiet. 2 3. The injection was quick. 2 4. That night I heard a thump. 3 5. Evening shrouded the house in quiet. 4 6. One morning while my husband was away, I saw the blur racing through the yard. 4 7. That night, there came a rustling of the bedspread at my feet. 4 8. I decided it best to keep Buddy to myself. 5 9. Can’t you see? I asked. 5 10. It was then I knew I had no choice. 5 11. The earth turned three times and settled into darkness. 5 Works Cited 8 Jerome Solomon Instructor: M. Werner ENG 102 April 11, 2016 Beneath the Crape Myrtle Buddy is buried under the crape myrtle tree in the back yard. 1. Back in the spring he began to limp. He slipped when fetching his toy. He moaned when he lay down. In time, his groans turned to whimpers and I winced with his pain. He needs a doctor, my husband said. It’s time. 2. At the clinic, I couldn’t stay quiet. Twelve years, I said, twelve years he’s been a part of our family. Twelve years he’s been by our side. How can we do this? My husband shook his head. The doctor readied the needle. My heart fluttered like a bird in my throat. 3. The injection was quick. I caressed that spot behind his ear. Whispered my heart to him and kissed the place where his whiskers bristled from his nose. His breathing slowed from a quick pant to quieting heaves to nothing. I draped myself over his......

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