Boomers, Generation X, and Millennial

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Abstract This paper explores four published articles, six books and three web sites that report on results from research about three generations of people over the span of approximately fifty years. The articles and books suggest that there is a strong connection between generations in relation to their experiences, worldviews and beliefs. The information gathered for this research paper is consistent across sources. The paper examines how much each generation influenced the other as its members traveled through their life cycle. Researchers have determined that every generation has a specific characteristic that distinguishes it from the other. In short, the overall effect one generation has on the other depends on circumstances that existed during that period. We will examine generations referred to as Baby boomers, Generation X and Millennials and how their history helped to shape the world today. It is clear that these three generations are distinct in terms of their experiences, worldviews and beliefs. However, it is also evident that history shaped the development of each group, allowing the generation that followed to benefit from earlier periods in history, creating pockets of similarities across the decades.

Experiences in their lifetimes The Baby Boomer Generation is the name given to persons born between “1947 and 1966” and was seen as the last generation that effected any great changes on American society. This generation was distinguishable by a significant increase in birth rates following World War II and is seen as one of the largest generations in the U.S. Baby Boomers are allied with a dismissal of traditional values. Experiences during this time shaped the Boomers and were contributory to the characteristic of rebellious as they were defined. Some of the memorable events for the Baby Boomers are the Cuban missile…...

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