Bouncing Ball Model: Use of Zero-Crossing Detection

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Group Simulation Model Analysis
Bouncing Ball Model: Use of Zero-Crossing Detection

Executive Summary
In the system of a bouncing ball there are many factors which influence how the ball bounces. The 5 main components which affect how high the ball will bounce include the initial position of the ball, the initial velocity of the ball, the elasticity of the ball, the gravity of the selected area, and also the temperature of the material in which the ball was made from. These 5 major components of the basic system determine how high the ball bounces and how much energy was lost in the process of bouncing as well as allowing us to determine the relationship between these components and how each of these affects the overall system as a whole. However by changing these components of the system, it will dramatically change the overall results.

In the system of a bouncing ball there already at secondary school level, illustrates Newton’s laws of motion and concepts of gravitational energy and kinetic energy with examples of objects dropped or thrown vertically and contains investigative activities about falling objects, the physics and mathematics. The fives main components which affect how high the ball will bounce they are initial position, the initial velocity, the elasticity, the gravity and the temperature of the material in which the ball was made from. These five major components of the basic system determine how high the ball bounces and how much energy was lost in the process of bouncing as well as allowing us to determine the relationship between these components and how each of these affects the overall system as a whole. However by changing these components of the system, it will dramatically change the overall results.

Table of Contents Executive Summary i 1 Introduction 3 2 System Overview and System Behaviour 4…...

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