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Breaking Free From Product Marketing


May 22
Breaking Free From Product Marketing Analysis
Service marketing, to be effective and successful, requires a mirror-opposite view of conventional ''product" practices. Shostack cautions that 'it is wrong to imply that services are just like products 'except' for their intangibility' and further identifies that the language of marketing is in fact derived from the manufacture of physical goods.
Services were never previously considered different until the view developed around the work of G. Lynne Shostack[1] who produced an article in 1977 “Breaking Free from Product Marketing”. The article presented the view that services are significantly different from products. It suggested that the practice of marketing of services using the framework developed for tangible products (goods) has limited thinking about services marketing. Until that time, if you wanted to make some differentiation between tangible based products and intangible based products you used the accepted “goods and services”.

Breaking Free from Product. Marketing. Service marketing, to be effective and successful, requires a mirror-opposite view of conventional …. Shostack just didn’t understand what a product is. Even since then, the definition of Product has been “.. everything, including people, things, services….” Shostack really stuffed up a lot of peoples thinking and effective practice.

Buyers buy the service – the intangibles. The tangibles only provide the vehicle for the services Service (which includes that well known intangible – “benefits”) is actually easier to Promote. Economists have never felt the need to say “and Services” every time someone says “Products” Its just marketers who have been trained like Skinners pigeons.

NEW CONCEPTS if service Nun charted frontier are necessary marketing is…...

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