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Now, I talk about symbols of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
The United Kingdom a lot of symbols such as symbols of the England,Scotland, Northern Ireland and wales.However, I only talk about main symbols of the United Kingdom.
There are fours symbols of the UK:
_first, national personification
_second, national animal
_third, coat of arms
_finally, motto of the UK
The first, national personification is Britannia. Britannia is a old name of British and this is a name of the young woman. She wear a classical dress,she put on a helmet, and she is holding a trident and shield with the union flag. Britannia became a popular figure in 1707 when Scotland , Wales and England were united to from Great Britain. She is used as a symbols of power and unity British.
The second, national animal is a lion. Lion is a symbol of England and also a main symbols of the United Kingdom. In twelve century, The King Rechart used lion as a powerful symbol of the English during the time of the Crusades.
The third, coat of arms of the united Kingdom
There are two coat of arms.
This is used in England, northern Ireland, and Wales
This is used in Scotland.
Both of them are used by Queen Elizabeth the second from 1953 to the present.
However , they are many differents
Look at the picture:
On the left, this is stand for English lion, on the right, this is an unicorn ,stand for Scotland(the unicorn is chained because in mediaeval times a free unicorn was considered a very dangerous beast.

This is four shields: the first and the fourth stand for England, there are three yellow lions on the red field, this stand for Scotland , a red lion on the yellow field. This is a gold…...

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