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This financial report provides an evaluation of Buffalo Wild Wings, Inc. financial performance for the years 2009, 2010 and 2011. It consists of an evaluation of Buffalo Wild Wing’s financial performance, stock performance, and a recommendation as to whether or not Buffalo Wild Wing’s recent financial and stock performance are of sufficient financial strength to warrant increasing your funds holdings. Buffalo Wild Wings, Inc. is an owner, operator and franchiser of restaurants featuring a variety of boldly-flavored, cravable menu items.
Return on assets shows the rate of return (after tax) being returned on a company regardless of financing structure. It is the measure of how efficiently the company is using all stakeholders’ assets to earn returns. The company uses return on assets to view their company over time or against companies in the industry that have similar financing structures. ROA shows how well a company uses what is has to generate earnings. The return on assets of Buffalo Wild Wings, Inc. from 2009-2011 has increased from 11.09% to 11.52%. Return on Assets has increased from 2009-2011. An indicator of how profitable a company is relative to its total assets. ROA gives an idea as to how efficient management is at using its assets to generate earnings. An increasing trend of ROA indicates that the company is becoming more profitable.
A healthy operating margin is required for a company to pay for its fix cost and generate cash. It is an important indicator of efficiency and profitability. After paying operating costs, operating margin measures the portion of revenue left over. If a company has declining operating margins it can point out weaknesses in company growth. The operating margin for Buffalo Wild Wings, Inc has increased from 8.23 to 9.28 from 2009-2011, which indicates profitability.
Current ratios measure a company’s liquidity and its…...

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