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- In a Restaurant / Reserve a table -

A dialogue between someone that wants to reserve a table and the employee from the restaurant; and then a dialogue between two persons that eat in the restaurant. Mr. Olsen: Good afternoon! Waiter: Good afternoon, Sir! Mr. Olsen: I would like to reserve a table for tonight. Waiter: Of course, Sir. For how many people ? Mr. Olsen: Could we have a table for two? Waiter: I'm sorry, sir, but the tables for two are fully booked until 8 p.m. Mr. Olsen: No problem. I would like a table for 9 p.m., in fact, I would like our usual table. Waiter: Of course, sir. Mr. Olsen: Thank you.

After several hours. Waiter: Good evening! Mr. Olsen: Good evening! Waiter: Have you made a reservation, sir? Mr. Olsen: Yes I had, several hours ago; don't you remember? Waiter: Oh, I'm sorry, sir, I do remember; please follow me. Mr. Olsen: Thank you. Waiter: Would you like a drink before your meal? Mr. Olsen: No, we'll order the meal. Waiter: Yes, please… Mr. Olsen: I would like roast lamb with mint sauce and for my partner, pork chop with mustard sauce and two glasses of white wine. Waiter: That would be all, sir? Mr. Olsen: Yes. Waiter: Very good, sir.

With several minutes before leaving the restaurant.

Mr. Olsen: Waiter, can you bring us the bill, please? Waiter: Yes, sir, one moment, please. Waiter: Do you want to pay separately or do you want it all on the same bill? Mr. Olsen: This gentleman is my guest. Waiter: That will be 89 euro altogether. Mr. Olsen: We enjoyed our dinner very much. Waiter: Thank you, sir. I hope you`ll come again.…...

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