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The author, Michele Borba, discusses her complete plan for raising good kids using the seven essential virtues that will teach children to do the right thing. Every day there is the worry of general concerns of the health and safety of our youth. Enhancing moral intelligence has become the best hope for getting children on the right path to act as well as think positively. The seven essential virtues consisting of empathy, conscience, self control, respect, kindness, tolerance and fairness are discussed in the chapters on how to navigate children through ethical challenges and pressures during child development years.
Empathy is the first essential virtue that describes the ability to identify with and feel another person’s concerns and sensitizes children to different points of view. It increases their awareness of ideas and opinions while enhancing humanness, civility, morality and is an emotion that alerts a child to another person’s plight while stirring the conscience. Children are moved to become too tolerant, compassionate and understanding of others needs and to care enough to help those who are hurt or troubled. This ignites the need to handle anger more adeptly. With children being exposed to a world filled with violence, drugs, cruelty and incivility, empathy may be the antidote to creating tolerance peace. As the virtue of empathy develops it will help to start the foundation for nonviolence in children and to do what is right because it is felt in the heart.
The problem with empathy in children is that it is greatly handicapped because of the inability to identify and express emotion. Feeling for others may be difficult because of no recognition of another’s hurt, elation, discomfort, anxiety,…...

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