Building a Ethical Organization

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Building an Ethical Organization

Linda Warren HSM/220 8/4/2013

Building an Ethical Organization

The growing number of individuals with mental and substance abuse user in the United States has precipitated a crisis. In 2002, Charles G. Curie, Administrator for the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHA) within the U.S. Department of Mental Health and Human Services (DHHS), stated that addressing the needs of persons with occurring disorders had become one of the highest priorities for the agency. The two systems of care have different approaches to identifying key symptoms, making assessments or diagnosis, deciding between quiet disparate treatment approaches and figuring out which State block grant funding category should be used to obtain coverage and reimbursement for services. The systems, Federal, State, and local levels challenge consumers and service providers alike in some cases to create divisions between providers and consumers and between providers and themselves. Helping Hands believe that the true and full measures of growth, success and progress lies beyond balance sheets or economic policies. It is best reflected in the differences you make in people lives. Helping Hands addresses the needs of the community residing in the vicinity of our facility, taking the initiative in the areas of mental health, education, behavioral and other health issues. The values are inspired by wanting to help those that feel that there is no help or those that have lost hope. This idea was built on the need in the community for those with mental illness and those that have been left without any resources for assistance with their individual or family needs. Mental illness is a growing issue in the United States and continues to grow due to the…...

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...Building an Ethical Organization Part 1 My organization supplies support services to children and families going through abuse situations to help them recover or become free of an abusive pattern. We provide services for sexual abuse victims, domestic violence, adolescent substance abuse, teen crisis and intervention and parental alienation. The organizations team is comprised of seasoned clinicians including psychologists, certified alcohol and drug counselors, licensed clinical social workers, licensed clinical social work interns and marriage and family therapists. Services are low cost or free of charge depending upon client’s income and ability to pay. We never turn anyone away based on their inability to pay for services. We believe in providing wrap around services to ensure that our clients are getting the level of care and support that they need in every way possible. Our support services are designed to lend special services and needs to our clients while they are going through unfortunate life experiences. Outreach and education is an extremely important priority for my organization. Prevention comes from education and therefore they go hand and hand. Our education programs are designed to reach out to the community and give community members the tools that they need to keep their families safe. Equipping children with safety strategies and skill sets that work to prevent them from putting themselves in harm’s way can be what someday saves their lives. ......

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...areas within its umbrella, all sharing one basic objective of providing a service to someone in need The main objective of the field is to provide services to people struggling to survive vulnerable times in their lives and need additional supports to become more self-sufficient. Human Service organization are designed and developed to assist in making the service the field offers available for the people that need them. [Your paper will benefit from a stronger introduction. The introduction provides an opportunity to capture the reader's attention with a “hook.” It also indicates what the paper will be about and how you will approach the topic. Refer to the 5-paragraph tutorial from Writing Wizards in the Tutorials & Guides section of the Center for Writing Excellence for more information about writing introductions.] Quality Life Services is one Human Service organization within the Human Service Field striving to provide services and supports to individuals with intellectual disabilities and their families. This organization was founded in 1988 and is redeveloping its foundation in the Brownsville East New York area of Brooklyn New York. The organization is a nonprofit organization that is overseen by a board of Directors also known as a governing body whom are Health Professionals, Community activist and parents of children with intellectual disabilities. The mission of Quality Life Services is to provide services to individuals with intellectual disabilities and their......

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...HSM/230 Building an Ethical Organization   I recently have been appointed the Director of Sanctuary. A non-profit organization that provides services to the disabled. Our funding is from private donors and the government. We are here to provide the individuals with housing, day habilitation services, community integration and anything else they may need. We make sure that our individuals homes are decorated the way a house should be after all it is now their home. Sanctuary will play a vital role in the lives of the individuals that live in the organization as well as those that receive day habilitation services through us but live outside the organization. We will provide them with the medical attention that they need and require, as well as any therapy or psychological help that they may need as well. We will give them the necessary means to live their lives to the fullest quality. Caring, and safety are vital to a person’s life, and we are here to provide that. Our individuals consist of adults from the age of 21 and up we will never turn away an individual regardless of their disability it is our commitment to make sure we meet their needs. Families are always welcome to come and visit Sanctuary but to many the staff at Sanctuary is all they have.     Sanctuary’s mission is to serve the individuals with care and compassion while providing them with the tools for achievement. We will work with them to fill their overall need for love, safety, and security.......

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...Building an Ethical Organization Part 1 Kay Wehner HSM/230 July 13, 2014 Kimberly Cowburn Building an Ethical Organization Part 1 Who are we? As the director of MWDDD (Mid-West Division of the Developmentally Disabled), a mental health service that is focused on the developmentally disabled, the main strategy as the director of this organization is to design, implement, and improve the quality and outcomes for the mental health and the social services within the organization. First it is important for the organization to incorporate different activities in order to improve the effectiveness of the organization, which will entail producing organizational practices, as well as the tools needed in order to not only identify, but address the barriers within the organization such as the ineffectiveness of treatments for instance. Secondly, it sets the essential ground rules for organizational effectiveness in order to direct the improvement endeavors within the organization. Last but not least, the organization will shape and refine the different decision making, and problem solving efforts so as not to hamper the improvements within the organization. It is important that the organization be successful in creating an increase of positive organizational morale, cultures, and climates, while reducing turnover with staff, improving the mental and health services available for each individual, and putting into effect a practice that is evidence-based. Our purpose and......

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...HSM 230: Ethical Issues in Human Services Management Week 9: Final Project: Building an Ethical Organization part 2 Title: Job Placement Program By Penelope Foretich August 20, 2015 Introduction Statement Here in the city of Commerce, TX, there is a rising problem that has to deal with the economic crisis of the town. The town has approximately 9,000 residents in it, but only a handful of employment opportunities for these residents to find work. The highest employer in town is the Texas A and M University with an average of 900 employees. However, once school is out, their job opportunities for the town drop drastically. Many employers lose their staff, since most are from the University. As a result, it has possibly added to the cause of the poverty rate increase in the town. As a Human Service Advocate and a resident of the town itself, I propose a Job Placement program to bring the economy of the town back up. The people of Commerce need a way to revive the town and bring the economy of their residents back up and out of poverty. I believe creating a job placement program for the residents could help in solving the issue of the drop rate in available jobs in Commerce. This is a growing problem and there are many that need help with finding jobs. What will also help is providing the right job training for those part of the program. Description of the Organization The type of organization that I will be to be Director of is a non-profit Job placement program......

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