Buildings (Architecture [Modernism]) and Songs (Music [Jazz])

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Buildings (Architecture [Modernism]) and Songs (Music [Jazz]) A foundation is a key to the structures standing. The buildings structure must be sound and balanced in order to rise as a building. A structure is a composition, of parts, the make up of materials that are joined together to make a building. The Fountainhead, with Howard Roark as the protagonist, is an individual that truly sets him part from collaborations and compromise. His independent, rebellious attitude towards compromise strikes him as an individual that has roots of foundation, but prospers in his own wants. His vision, with the combination of music gives him a sense feeling and imagining the abstract structures he has in his mind. Although Roark does not compromise, he’s composed of the roots like a tree, the foundation of the structure that never change, along with the branches and leaves that fall like a deciduous tree, but grow to wave to the winds. Modernism is a style that Roark prefers and only designs. Modernism is the rejection of classical and traditional forms, to modify and break the point of design and new abstract forms in an architectural perspective. The Fountainhead is basically Howard Roark verses the world. The word tries to balance him out. This reflects me with the scene beginning with setting: “ The leaves streamed down, trembling the sun. They were not green; only a few scattered through the torrent, stood out in single drops of a green so bright and pure that it hurt the yes; the rest were not a color, but a light, the substance of fire on metal, living sparks without edges” (Rand, The Fountainhead 503). The leaves resemble the people in the community, which make up the world, as the world is like a tree. This shows the leaves are very similar in thought, in its green from of color. Rand uses this metaphor…...

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