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This report has been produced to analyse the current structure of Barbour Brown Engineering Ltd. Improvements to the structure will be examined and considered in order to improve the efficiency of the management within the organisation. Barbour brown engineering ltd is a firm that consulting and concentrating on civil and structural engineering projects. David Barbour and Neil brown are the mangers and the owners of the company. David and Neil operate the company from a small town office. The company comprised a small number of staff which was headed by David and Neil (Managers) , two qualified engineers , two qualified technicians and one apprentice technician. The current structure of the company was according to hierarchy of authority with David and Neil been on the top of it as manager’s. In 1980s both of them worked together for a large city firm call floyed and fleming ltd in 1989 floyed and fleming company decided to close the branch office to concentrate their business in the city and after that neil and david discussed about the possibility of continuing to offer the engineering counsultancy service in the town under a new joint partnership. John Colbert the manager of the john Colbert civil engineering company and a university friend of neil .he retired soon and have come to a discussion with Neil Brown about a merger within the two construction companies since they have worked together in numerous projects. If its proposed it will be in the ambition of to become a stronger business in this construction sector. after john joined to the company the whole company has been…...

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