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Business Studies:
Assignment #2 Tooba Haq 2015-918

Q. Explain the potential benefits to a business if employees are involved in the decision making process

Ans. Workers are a crucial part in any business. Them being involved in the decision making process is one that could be very beneficial.

Allowing the workers to work together and come up with initiatives to help improve the business would be very beneficial as, you are now giving more amount of power to the workers, hence making them have more prestige. This could lead to a productive and open environment for better work. Also, allowing the employees to participate in the decision making process would make them feel pride in their own work and would be more motivated to produce better quality products in lesser time increasing productivity. Having employees be part of the decision-making process makes two-way communication possible which would be different than an Autocratic relationship, it would be more democratic. More, newer ideas would be available, thus benefiting the business.

Q. Explain the usefulness to a business of Mintzberg’s classification of the roles of managers.

Ans. Henry Mintzberg has identified ten roles that are of a managerial status. These roles can be divided into three groups of Interpersonal, Informational and Decisional roles.

These roles are specifically set to help classify different fields of management. In the interpersonal roles, there is the figurehead, the leader and the liaison. All of these roles have to do with the person himself and his contribution to the business. For example, the figurehead would be the leader of the organization motivating staff to work and opening new units or factories. The Figurehead would also be the voice of the company, giving important lectures and presentations. The leader of any organization would…...

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