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Stay True Travel

Staying True to You™

Final Strategic Plan

Week 5
Professor Dhillon
February 14, 2012
Stay True Travel
Staying True to You™
Final Strategic Plan
Being a successful business, or corporation, is composed of more than simply having the best logo, slogan, or advertising campaigns, but rather it is about how each individual aspect of an organization is constructed and built from the ground up. With money being tight, budgets shrinking, and uncertainty with job security, for businesspersons and families alike, the tourism industry has had to truly redefine itself and adapt to continue to be sustainable. Travel and lodging has become more than a small room, an uncomfortable bed, continental breakfast, and a free morning paper that it once was. Now, clients seek personalized service, lavish design, and a unique ambiance wrapped up into an affordable package and a uniquely tailored experience. Travel agencies are beginning to face rash decisions with their outdated marketing campaigns, untrendy travel destination partnerships, and ultimately losing clientele because they can no longer do the one, single-handedly simple thing that all travelers wish for: being heard and having their individual wants and needs met without hesitation. Although it may seem as if there are no adequate travel agencies to turn to that can and will meet all needs and wants of the everyday traveler, there is indeed one agency that will not let its clientele down: introducing Stay True Travel (STT).
Stay True Travel focuses on uniquely tailoring travel experiences for businesspersons and families alike with one-to-one service and competitive discounts, which utilize our wide array of partnerships with boutique and luxury accommodations across the United States to ensure each stay is Staying True to You™.
STT seeks to become…...

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