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Introduction to International Business MHR 2000
Spring Semester 2013: Session 1 MWF 5:20-6:15 pm 105 Schoenbaum Hall Professor: Shad Morris

Office: Telephone: Email: Office Hours:

718 Fisher Hall 614.247.1732 morris@fisher.osu.edu Monday 4:30-5:30 pm, and by appointment

Teaching Assistant: ???????? Office: 040 Fisher Hall Office hours: Wednesday 10:30-11:30 pm, and by appointment Email: ?????@fisher.osu.edu Required Text: Oded Shenkar and Yadong Luo, International Business—2nd edition (Sage). ISBN: 1412949068. Course Packet (must be purchased online through the Carmen course site) http://carmen.osu.edu

Course Website:

Suggested Reading: The Economist (http://www.economistsubscriptions.com/searchstudent/us/)

Course Overview and Objectives
The world is changing in fundamental ways. First, the development of a truly global market in products, services, capital and even certain types of labor is changing the basic terms of competition for an array of different firms and industries. In Thomas Freidman's words, "The world is flat." Second, although firms have operated around the globe for many years, they are becoming increasingly integrated yet differentiated, with tightly coupled but different activities in various locations rather than replicating themselves from place to place. Understanding the interaction between culture, knowledge, and the way businesses coordinate around the world is critical to understanding both the possibilities for and constraints on managing a business in today's fast-changing economy. In this class we will talk about why trade exists between nations, and why businesses decide to leave

their familiar domestic surroundings to build subsidiaries overseas. We will examine actions and strategies of the “multinational enterprise” (global companies like GE, Toyota, and BP) that is the primary actor of interest in…...

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