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"A confident speaker can handle weak areas of ppt presentation".

Usually, in a presentation we speak to a group of people in one of three situations: (1)When we are doing most of the speaking ourselves either to inform or to persuade, (2) when we have more give and take with our audience, to answer questions, or (3) when we solve problems as a group. Certainly, most people would agree that terms such as speech or lecture imply that the speaker is doing most of the talking.
All the presentations can not be perfect. There can be some weak areas in the presentation, which can decrease the credibility of the speaker but a confident speaker can handle weak areas of presentation by his confidence. There are many ways to boost the confidence during the presentation.
Speaking in front of an audience is not an easy job, however, good preparation before a presentation is essential to boost our confidence during our speech. Following are some suggestion to boost one’s level of confidence in front of an audience.

Usually, we are given a speech topic in advance. It can be a couple of weeks before. If so, we should make use of the ample time given to do some proper research. There are many ways to research on our topic. We can check out the daily newspapers for example, and cut out any relevant materials that we might need. With the advent of technology these days, we can easily research for our speech materials online as well. Also, we can check out E-Journals and news articles from various portals.

It is always good to know who we are presenting to. If we are presenting to a big audience, who are the main groups our topic is targeting on, It is only inevitable that each person from the audience has his or her own insights, experiences, goals or attitudes towards different subject matters. As such, we might want to conduct a survey if we have…...

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