Business Communication Trends

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Business Communication Trends
Megan Arguello
July 7th, 2013
Ms. Laurenzi

Business Communication Trends
Business communication is important in my day-to-day work activities. I use communication every day by helping customers find the products they need as well as interesting them in new products. Communication trends have changed since I first started working but they continue to improve the workplace.
At my job I am required to help customers not only find what they need, but also to suggest products that they might be interested in. I communicate with them by speaking and showing them how the products work. Sometimes this requires a lot of demonstration while other times it just requires explaining the product. Flyers and posters are another way I communicate with customers. My job would not be manageable if I was not able to communicate with my customers. Currently we do not offer products online because we are a small business that relies on people coming into the store to purchase our products. However, we are in the process of creating a Facebook page that would allow customers to see what the discounts are at the store and what time the store opens and closes. This will allow customers to see what products we have as well as send messages about what they would like us to start carrying. The business will be able to show customers what is available in the store and why they should come in. This trend will allow the business to expand its merchandise and offer customers the ability to help choose what is purchased.
Without a form of communication I would not be able to sell products or help a customer find the product they are looking for. Likewise, other business would not be able to purchase merchandise or please a customer without a way to communicate. Technology has helped with business communication as can be seen by the business using Facebook…...

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