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1 November 2012

Business Communications Tutor
Institute of Studies
456-458 Feather Street
XXX 0000

Dear Ms XXX


After one inspiring lecture in your class at the Institute of Studies, I came to the conclusion that working beside you was what I would love to do. While reading the Institute’s student bulletin, I was excited to see you were looking for a student to fill the position of *business Idea position* and I’d be delighted to.

During the expanse of my father’s career with XXX, I have also helped the business doing administration work, stock take and being a helping hand in the Comms Department. I am all but a year away from completing my Business Diploma at the Institute of Studies and intend to study Commercial Law at the University of XXX. I have volunteered at my Uncle’s Doggy Day Care and babysat my brother on numerous occasions, and by doing these tasks developed a considerable amount of patience.

I know that many of my fellow students are applying for the same opportunity to work beside you but I definitely think that I have something spectacular to offer. For the simple fact that I have grown up around logically minded people and have participated many a time in my relative’s business ventures. In spite of my young age, I think that having this firsthand experience would contribute largely to your cause.

I hope you consider my application, and look forward to hearing from you and working with such an intelligent individual.

Kind regards


Institute of Studies Business…...

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