Business Continuity Plan

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Business Continuity Plan Template

Version 1.0

August 2014

Table of Contents
Section I: Introduction 7
A. How to Use This Plan 7
B. Objectives 7
C. Scope 8
D. Assumptions 8
E. Changes to the Plan/Maintenance Responsibilities 9
F. Plan Testing Procedures and Responsibilities 10
G. Plan Training Procedures and Responsibilities 10
H. Plan Distribution List 11
Section II: Business Continuity Strategy 12
A. Introduction 12
B. Business Function Recovery Priorities 12
C. Relocation Strategy and Alternate Business Site 12
D. Recovery Plan Phases 13 1. Disaster Occurrence 13 2. Plan Activation 13 3. Alternate Site Operations 13 4. Transition to Primary Site 13
E. Vital Records Backup 13
F. Restoration of Hardcopy Files, Forms, and Supplies 14
G. On-line Access to <ORGANIZATION NAME> Computer Systems 14
H. Mail and Report Distribution 15
Section III: Recovery Teams 16
A. Purpose and Objective 16
B. Recovery Team Descriptions 16
C. Recovery Team Assignments 16
D. Personnel Notification 17
E. Team Contacts 17
F. Team Responsibilities 17
Business Continuity Coordinator – <Insert Name> 19
EOC Communications Team – 19
EOC Human Resources Team – 20
EOC Administration Team – 20
Emergency Response Team – 21
Information Technology Recovery Team (See also Disaster Recovery Plan) – 21
Section IV: Recovery Procedures 23
A. Purpose and Objective 23
B. Recovery Activities and Tasks 24
PHASE I: Disaster Occurrence 24
PHASE II: Plan Activation 28
PHASE III: Alternate Site Operations 33
PHASE IV: Transition to Primary Operations 35
Section V: Appendices 38
Appendix A - Employee Telephone Lists 39
Appendix B - Recovery Priorities for Critical Business Functions 40
Appendix C - Alternate Site Recovery Resource Requirements 41
Appendix D - Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Locations 43
Appendix E -…...

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...Week/Unit 12 Individual Work Workplace Continuity and Contingency planning MAN3554 4-5-13 Abstract The objective for this paper is to explain through an example, of what I have learned from our class discussion, learning activities, and our readings of Chapters 16 and 17 in our text, A Risk Management Approach to Business Continuity. It will show my personal understanding through explaining through an example of how applying the risk management theory to the production of a business continuity plan is important. The situation background for our risk assessment plan will be based on the following crisis; Suppose you own a small convenience market, about the size of a 7-11 or a Circle K, or any other comparable franchise outlet that you might be more familiar with given your location in the country. The child of a customer, left in a running vehicle, manages to shift the car into forward and it plows through the front of your store, sending debris and stock flying, and causing an indeterminate amount of damage to your facility. Based on this information, we were then asked to prepare a disaster assessment and recovery plan for resuming business. The information that we have been asked to include is; • Damage assessment; to the building, to people, to stock, to utilities. • Identify critical actions; for example, does anyone need emergency medical care? What do you do about perishables like frozen foods (if you have lost......

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...CheckPoint: Business Continuity Plan The steps involved in the Business Continuity Plan (BCP) include identification of the scope and boundaries. This mean to determine the critical aspects of the business that need to be part of the plan by analyzing people, facilities, IT systems, and risks. The second step is to create a Business Impact Assessment (BIA) as a result of the step one analysis. The third step is once the BIA is complete those who are responsible must present to senior management and cell the concept of the BCP. The last step is once the BCP is approved is to present it to all necessary departments making sure they understand all of the components. The purpose of a BCP is to prepare businesses in the event of disaster. This plan will provide employees with detailed instructions and backups in the event of an emergency. This is a great concept because in the event of disaster, companies will have reduced panic and knowledge of exactly what to do and how to carry on with business despite the circumstances. The case study I chose to read was “SunGard Helps Keep Atlantis health Plan’s Business in Business after Disaster Strikes.” This case study talked about how a disaster recovery company named SunGard helped Atlantis Health through their disaster. The two companies began working with each other after the 9/11 attacks in New York, when Atlantis Health had no BCP. After getting that situation under control the companies developed a plan in the......

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...Abstract This paper will include creation of a business continuity plan for Red Circle that addresses any pre-incident changes the company can do to minimize and mitigate risk. The companies’ use and protection of sensitive data will be analyzed. The companies’ use and protection of member information will be analyzed. Discussion of the communication plan to be used during and following the disruption will be explained. Lastly steps on how the companies operations will be restored after the disruption will be discussed. Business Continuity Plan Red Circle is a non-for-profit health insurance company located in Minnesota. Red Circle serves members in commercial and government lines of business. The company has three office campuses located in Eagan, Minnesota. These locations are within 1 mile of each other. The company also has a location about 4 hours north of these locations, which houses customer service operations and claims processing employees. Pre-incident changes A well thought out and planned business continuity plan is a necessity to keep a business operational if a disaster should strike the company. Red Circle can be prepared for any disaster by having a business continuity plan in place with trained staff on how to implement the plan, if disaster or disruption occurs. Annually the business continuity plan should be reviewed for accuracy and updates. Since Red Circle is located in the Midwest region, which is prone to tornadoes, the......

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...CBAIA Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan January 27, 2015 Table of contents I. Plan Overview II. Plan Goals and Objectives III. Disaster or Event Categorization IV. Disaster Recovery Team V. Risk Identification/Risk Analysis VI. Risk Mitigation I. Plan Overview CBAIA is taking steps to provide risk mitigation, business continuity, and disaster recovery for its information technology and communications infrastructure. The following sections detail the operational plan and recommend responsible parties. When possible, the plan sections provide detailed contact information for the plan’s responsible parties and stakeholders. This plan is CONFIDENTIAL and is the property of CBAIA. II. Plan Goals and Objectives a. The objective of this business continuity and disaster recovery plan includes the following: 1. To provide the ability to resume key business operations quickly and safely within the shortest amount of time following a disaster or business interruption. 2. To mitigate the impact of a disaster to CBAIA stakeholders. 3. To reduce confusion with respect to operational steps and responsibility in the event of a disaster. 4. To ensure the safety of all CBAIA employees. 5. Provide backup information to a colocation. 6. Provide Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)/generator in case of an outage allow employees to continue working. III. Disaster or Event Categorization a. The CBAIA recovery plan addresses three types of disaster or......

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...Customers are the life of a business, so contact with customers is a top priority. Business continuity is much more than just a fancy word for "backup" — although some organizations treat it that way. A comprehensive business continuity plan (BCP) provides a roadmap for continuance and/or restoration of mission-critical functions during and after a disaster, such as a fire, flood, tornado or even a disease epidemic.Your BCP must be thought out, written down, and distributed to key personnel well ahead of any incident that could cause a disruption to your operations. Copies should be stored off-site — an obvious but often overlooked requirement. Here are 10 things a good BCP includes. &#8212more&#8212Note: This information is available as a PDF download. #1: Analysis of potential threats Your company's response to a disaster will depend on both the nature and the extent of the disaster. Some threats, such as a tornado or flood, may physically destroy your IT infrastructure. Others, such as pandemic disease, affect human resources while leaving buildings and machinery intact. A cyberterrorism attack might bring down your network but not affect the functionality of the hardware or your personnel. A bombing may destroy both human life and network components. A power outage could render your equipment unusable, but do no lasting damage. Thus your plan should cover contingencies for as many threat types as possible. #2: Areas of responsibility A key component in......

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...MEMORANDUM Date: April 24, 2016 To: The Berkshire Group From: Michael Cuomo RE: Importance of a Contingency Plan The key in operating a successful company is satisfying consumer needs in any type of market environment. May it be quick pace, stagnant, and or economic disaster. A company’s survival in any market situation depends on how prepared a company is for all times. May they be the best of times, or the worst. The continuity plan outlines the vital steps that need to be followed in the wake of a disaster. Continuity planning addresses concerns such as a CEO becoming severely sick, multiple turnover of key personnel within the company, or any type of lawsuits that could cripple the company financially and or its public image. A continuity plan has many benefits. These benefits can show the leadership within the company the strengths and weaknesses. This can allow adulterations in a company that can either drastically improve situations or could potentially make things worse. In all reality, it’s always beneficial to understand where the weak links in the chain are currently. In the creation and finalization of the continuity plan, there can be assessments made that can highlight employees that are lacking, resources that are being utilized too much and or too little, and strategies that might be misdirecting. The point of the matter is that a continuity plan can highlight main defects within a company and prepare a company for the worst case scenario.......

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...Richman Investments Business Continuity Plan Implementation Planning By Quentin Ward Introduction Richman Investments is emerging as one of the top e-commerce businesses. In order to better protect our great company I have created a BCP or Business Continuity Plan to be able to offset any problems that may arise and threaten our company’s functions and activities. Included in this BCP will be a BIA (Business Impact Analysis) and a RA (Risk Analysis). Overview 1.1 Policy Statement It is the policy of Richman Investments to always have a Business Continuity Plan in place for all non-critical and critical functions. To ensure that the BCP is implemented each department manager is asked to see to it that the plan is carried through. 1.2 Introduction This is a Business Continuity Plan for Richman Investments located at 834 Harrison Lane Beverley Hills, CA 90210. It has been developed in compliance with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standard 1600. This plan was created in order to aid Richman Investments in any type of recovery effort needed. Employees should read and adhere in conjunction to the Business Continuity Plan to ensure their safety and the company’s well being. 1.3 Confidentiality Statement This document is classified as confidential property of Richman Investments. The sensitivity of the information contained in this document is only intended for the viewing and use of Richman Investment employees. Unauthorized......

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