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Business ethics are a pivotal aspect in strategic business finance, or finance in general. Poor ethical practices and immoral acts have been conducted across many years by many individuals and businesses in the business world in regards to finance. This paper will focus on two of the more well-known ethical issues that occurred in the late 1990s and early 2000s, Enron Corporation and WorldCom. This paper will focus on the factors that led to the demise of the corporations, as well as the violations that occurred within the accounting practices, and the specific ethical violations in strategic financial planning.
To summarize, the largest contributing factor to the demise of Enron Corporation and WorldCom was simply corporate governance failure (Stanford GSB Staff, 2016). The smaller factors that led to the governance failure were such things as increases in executive compensation and stock options, jumps to incentives to manage earnings, and major shifts in the structure of auditing firms. These changes directly led to the loss of money and public confidence. These reason can be classified as nothing other than management greed. This can be validated by the statistical increases in worker compensation which rose forty-two percent in the 1990s as well as corporate profits rose eighty-eight percent, the standard and poor index increased two hundred and forty-eight percent, as well as CEO compensation rose four hundred and sixty-three percent during this timeframe (Stanford GSB Staff, 2016).
This lead to an increase in corporations, such as Enron Corporation and WorldCom, to have to continually restate earnings to attempt to correct inconsistencies in reporting earnings (Stanford GSB Staff, 2016). This showed that management greed was the main driving factor in the changes. Additionally, auditing firms became more client focused which was an attempt to sell clients…...

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