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Business Information Systems
Tutorial Week 6
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In this tutorial session: * Your tutor will randomly ask students to present their answers to some of the “learning outcome” questions to the class. * Your tutor will divide students into groups of 3 to 5. * Your tutor will assign each group with one or more case study questions. (You need to have a printed/hand-written copy of your answers to all questions with you) * Each student in a group needs to present his/her written answers to the group before discussions. * The discussions/debate for each allocated question should lead each group to some collective agreed upon answers. * Your tutor will ask one or more members of your group to present your collective answers to the whole class. * Your tutor will provide you with some feedback.
The tutorial assessment each week is generally based on your understanding of the week’s course content, group interaction in discussing your answers, the quality of your collective answers and their presentation to the class. (Note: not everyone could present each week).


The tutorial tasks for this week will help you to develop more understanding of the importance of business processes and enterprise architecture in Business.
* The due date for providing answers to this week’s tutorial tasks is by the beginning of your tutorial session next week (Make sure to take with you a printed/hand-written copy of your answers). * Due to some particular circumstances, if you are not able to attend the tutorial session next week, discuss it with your tutor. Also, to get some marks for your written work, you need to submit your answers to the assessable tasks electronically using Moodle/email by its due date.
Before attempting the following tutorial activities,…...

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