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Child Bullying and Workplace Violence

Kyle Gerner
Dr. Kenneth Lynch
Business Law I
4 May 2013

Child Bullying and Workplace Violence
Child bullying is one of the greatest challenges the younger generation faces today, in my opinion, while work place violence is problems faced by adults. To me it would seem the mitigating factor of bullying is associated with the divorce rate that is in America, while it seems for workplace violence there is no one real cause. We will cover a wide variety of topics today, but a special emphasis will be placed on bullying as it is something that deeply saddens me and is likely to deeply sadden you after I share my thoughts and essentially ethics regarding this matter. Three of the reasons children may be preyed upon are poor social skills, they may have no or few friends, and being non-confrontational, (McIntire, Franks, n.d.). “Tracing the ferment of workplace violence back to its root causes involves looking into the role of individual behavior, the interaction of a set of risk factors and the situations presenting the greatest risk, (Causes of Workplace Violence, n.d.).
Children with Poor Social Skills
When kids have poor social they are generally isolated and choose to keep to themselves, thus allowing bullies to pick on them. Seeing as how they are pointed out among most of the children in schools, it is no wonder they are chosen by bullies. I can remember countless times growing up in school that the children who were always left to themselves were targets of bullying. It is a saddened and harsh reality that need to be changed in the school system, not only within our country but all around the world as well. “It may sound counterintuitive, but bullies need help, too. Teens and even younger children who victimize others tend to have poor social skills and emotional regulation, which can contribute to their…...

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