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The Legal Environment A non-profit business incorporates in the state intended for business. The business first
Priority is gathering legal counsel. The attorney will prepare all legal documents needed to register as a non-profit 501(c) 3.This will entitle the business to receive charitable and tax deductible contributions. Contributions will be a major role in order for this business to succeed. Management will obtain liability insurance. Management will also determine what will be considered real, intellectual property, labor and employment issues. Management is responsible for selecting the best way to obtain the resources needed for the business. Based on previous data on battered women shelters, their survival is determined by allocating funding through donations. In order to do this, a mission statement, and plan of operation has to be completed. Management should begin fundraising projects. Letters should be mailed to request monetary donations, supplies, and volunteers for the business. Management should contact local churches, restaurants, stores and ask if they are interested in adopting this project. Another good thing for management to be would to contact women dominated business and local YWCA. These businesses are more likely to become main contributors.

Social and Economic Environment

The social environment includes the structure of family. It will be the company’s social responsibility to create a functional environment. To empower women and mothers, by building self-esteem, educating, and delivering independence. I am a firm believer, greatness starts from within. Management’s job is to ensure the goals and mission statement is kept, applied, and maintained. The economic environment as stated in my abstract, are for low income woman.…...

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