Business Plan of a Boutique Shop in Bangladesh

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Business Plan of a Boutique House

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Submission Date: April 12, 2009
Table of Content Topic | Page | Letter of Transmittal | i. | Letter of Caution | ii. | Student Declaration | iii. | Acknowledgement | iv. | Abstract | v. | Summary | vi. | Partnership Agreement | vii – ix | The Industry, the Company and the Service | x – xiii | Marketing Plan | xiii – xiv | Financial Data | xiv | Picture of our Products | xiv |

Letter of Transmittal

April 12, 2009

Maruf Reza Byron
School of Business
United International University

Dear Sir:

Subject: Submission of the Term Paper

We are very pleased to submit this Term Paper on “Introduction to Business”. We were assigned to prepare and submit this term paper for the partial fulfillment of the course entitled “Introduction to Business (BUS)”. We have prepared this term paper by researching all the available resources from the financial institutions and from the business entity.
We have tried our best to prepare and present this term paper perfectly. However, this paper might have some limitations which are beyond our knowledge. We hope this term paper will prove to be satisfactory.


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