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Mature, Achievement, Dedication, and Education
JD Davis
Office number :( 870)-692-0897
FAX Number: (870)-692-9025

Executive summary | Description of company I. What to expect from the company II. Meeting high standard | Strategic plan/focus I. Nonfinancial goal II. Financial goal | Situation analysis i. Strength ii. Weakness iii. Opportunities iv. Threats | Market-product focus i. Marketing and product plan | Marketing program strategy and tactics I. Prices strategy II. Place strategy | Financial Projections | Organization structure | Implementation plan | Evaluation and control |

Company Description M.A.D.E was started by founder JD Davis in 2011, in Wynne, AR. The company is a learning center, day care, and library where single parents can bring their children so that the parents can have time to study while their children are being monitor by staff. M.A.D.E is known for excellence throughout the company dealing with single parents and enhances children education of learning throughout many years. All ages will grow into the word known that there is a God that loves them because I feel like it’s nothing like Christ in a child life. JD Davis vision is to take this company and expand throughout different states to make it a worldwide organization. To the business knowledge, M.A.D.E is organization that’s help single parents that really don’t have any income coming in or need assistant to get where they want to be in life. The government will support most of the business because most single parents are getting help from the government. M.A.D.E is for helping single parents to reach their goal in life by providing good educate skill within the business, and we will provide child care that is affordable for the single parents. J.D Davis what his company to be focus good service, so it can help…...

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