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Business Process and Strategy






Xactly is a software company offering science oriented solutions on incentive compensation programs and performance management. The company develops software that enables other companies survive in this fast changing technological environment by enabling them shift from the old complex paradigm of using sales compensation incentives based on spreadsheets to cloud based sales compensation incentive programs. This helps them manage, design, and optimize sales compensation incentives hence saving on costs, time, reducing risk, and aligning workers behaviors with company goals.
Magal and Word (2009) argued that, “business processes are the tasks of activities that companies use to produce goods or services, and these activities are supported by Information and Communication Technology (ICT), such as computers, the internet and information systems." Therefore, it is imperative that the company’s business processes are aligned to its business strategies. Xactly’s business strategy of mass customization lieu industrial standardization calls for targeted focus and stringent campaign co-ordination, which are essential for promoting an enabling environment for continuous growth and improvement.
Xactly also recognizes that constant communication is imperative for building profitable relationships. Therefore, the company adopted a proactive social strategy as another business strategy to steer it to prosperity since this enables the company to receive immediate feedback from clients hence enabling it gain insight into client pain points and create approach strategies having more resonance. Thus, for Xactly to win clients loyalty in the market through its business strategies: mass customization and proactive social strategy the company will have to adopt…...

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