Business Prospects for Seattle Mariners.

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Business Prospects for The Seattle Mariners
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May 27, 2016

Executive Summary
Sports franchises are the pride of communities in various towns and cities across the United States. They provide a source of entertainment and recreation center for the local population. Beyond that, however, these are businesses that are interested in making money and operating profitably so that they can advance and increase their chances of winning and dominating the league. Winning is a source of local pride for the community. The economic landscape has changed since the formation of the league. In this paper, the club will be subjected to SWOT analysis and competitive analysis which will reveal the structural and environmental make-up of the industry as at the present moment. The technological front is also changing, and clubs are not to be left behind. The paper will differentiate between having a need for a website and for having an active social media presence. It will conclude by giving out suggestions on how to improve from a business perspective to adopting a different form of social media which will be important in converting traffic and views to cash opportunities.

Sports are a huge favorite and a great pass time in America. Communities, fueled by the need of individuals to participate in sports have organized teams to compete within themselves for entertainment and for bringing people together. Through the involvement in social events and organizational activities, societies have grown together and developed closer ties. Individuals, especially children, also get life lessons here. Team sports allow people to understand the dynamics that are involved in social relationships and interaction. Communication is important in helping people convey messages when they are participating in stressful situations. Because of these…...

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