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Executive Summary
The project is based on human resource management of Ufone GSM, which is a subsidiary of PTCL. This brand came into existence after Paktel, which was introduced in 1990’s in Karachi. Ufone made itself prominent in a very short span of time. Its progress has been commendable and its customer focus strategy led to the very famous slogan; i.e. “It’s all about ‘U’”. The organization is successfully accomplishing its mission to sustain customers and becoming the best option for them through various goals and objectives. These goals and objectives are required some strategic planning which has been discussed further in the report.
The main content of the report comprises of the human resource management at Ufone. Ufone has a very organized HR department as it has to have the right people for the respective jobs. Their recruiting and selection methods, training and development and compensations are well managed by the HR department. Coming to the end, recommendations are there but the company is said to practice all the recommendations already. All it has to do is to keep doing what it is doing and do it even better.

Company Profile
Brand Name: Ufone OR Pak Telecom Mobile Limited
Company: Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited
Current Owner: Emirates Telecommunication Corporation Group (Etisalat)
Head Office: 13-B, F-7 Markaz; Islamabad
Location in Sialkot: Plot # 2 Bungalow# 109, Aziz Shaheed Road, Saddar Bazar, Sialkot Cantt.
Commencement: 29th January 2001
Industry: Telecommunication
Products: Prepay, Post-pay
Slogan: It’s all about ‘U’
Network coverage range: 10000 locations within Pakistan
International Roaming: 160 countries and above
No. of Customer Service & Sale Centers: Above 200 in Pak
Current Market share: 24%
CEO: Mr. Abdul Aziz
Chief Human Resource & Admin Officer: Mr. Yousef Al Zaabi
Website URL:…...

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