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It comes 1 o’clock and all you can think about is getting away from your co­workers.
Teens are being disruptive and disrespectful. Most adults spend more money than teens do. Some businesses have made major changes to their business strategies. A business should have a right to ban teens.
Teens are being disruptive and disrespectful. Teen behavior is discouraging patrons from visiting businesses. According to the newspaper, “teenagers are noisy, and are always on their cell phones” Teenagers turn the wealthier, more loyal customers away. Businesses have a tough enough time making it in this economy. “The policy is that kids aren't allowed to use businesses as a hangout,” as said by Kayleen Schaefer. They don’t need people turning their loyal customers away. Most adults spend more money than teens do. According to the Business Analysis for a restaurant in July and and in October, “ patrons were 80% adults in July and 73% minors in the month of October.” It is stating that during the school month adult patrons haven't been going to because of teenagers being present. While students are on vacation adult patrons take advantage of the time and go have a quiet lunch.
Some businesses have made major changes to their business strategies. After identifying a decrease in profits during the school months, Mr. Jones realize that many of his faithful, adult, wealthier, customers mostly business people from the offices that surround his restaurant downtown we're staying away from his business due to the havoc high school students cause every day at lunch. Therefore, he proclaimed the hours between noon and 3 PM “quiet lunch” time, during which students will be banned from the premises. Having those teens out during lunch hours will help businesses tremendously by increasing revenue.

Therefore, that is why businesses should have the…...

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