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Competency 3018.1.1: Practice of Management - The graduate explains the theoretical bases, current knowledge, best practices, and trends related to the practice of management.
Competency 3018.1.3: Sustaining Business Performance - The graduate applies management and leadership theories for long-term global-business success.
Competency 3018.1.4: Organizational Performance Methods - The graduate analyzes appropriate methods to improve organizational performance.


For this task, you will write a 10-16 page paper on an organization with which you have had personal experience. The organization can be a business or a nonprofit, and you may represent any level of the organization (e.g., team, division, whole) in your analysis. Your description of the organization should convey personal experience, rather than information gained from secondhand sources or media coverage. For this task, you will first describe the chosen organization and will then perform a SWOT analysis on that organization. You will then analyze that organization’s leadership.

A. Describe your chosen organization by doing the following:
1. Describe the organization and its objective(s).
2. Describe three leadership practices of the primary leader of the organization.
3. Discuss how the current leadership has affected organizational culture.

B. Conduct a SWOT analysis evaluating the chosen organization by doing the following: Note: In your evaluation, consider the effects that communication practices, technology, ethics, and globalization have on your organization.

1. Evaluate two of the organization’s strengths.
2. Evaluate two of the organization’s weaknesses.
3. Evaluate two of the organization’s opportunities.
4. Evaluate two of the organization’s threats.

C. Conduct a leadership evaluation…...

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