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Geisinger Health Plan, Past and Present
Geisinger Health Plan (GHP) is a rural, non-profit health plan in central Pennsylvania. They have been offering health insurance to the public since 1982. GHP has a long history of top notch customer service as well as a close relationship with its parent corporation, Geisinger Health System. This allows GHP to offer ‘sweet spot’ services, such as combined medical management services from both plan and practitioner. This approach keeps members feeling they get the best value for their dollar, it keeps the members healthy, and ultimately happy with the customer service they receive. As with Blue Cross and Blue Shield, GHP started its operation as merely a way to provide health insurance to physicians and staff of Geisinger Health System. Within a few years, however, the little health plan grew and the potential of opening GHP to the public was shortly realized. Dr. Howard Hughes was an emergency medicine physician and was then at the helm of the company. He fostered a family friendly environment, and quickly took GHP from private to public. During the beginning of his tenure, the employees of GHP rose from around 50 to 500. Dr. Hughes became Executive Vice President of GHP in the 90s and GHP continued to grow. Under Dr. Hughes’ management, the plan busted the seams with 250,000 members and over 1000 employees. However, in early 2000, Dr. Hughes fell ill and resigned. The building that was built for GHP employees was dedicated in his name, The Hughes Center. Quickly after his resignation, and unfortunate passing, the health plan had no strong leadership. GHP struggled for the next decade, under various leaders. Some applied by the Board of Directors and Geisinger Health System, and others hired on full-time, only to resign a few years later. Membership dropped to a low, as well as revenue. There was even…...

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