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Product Description
Our product focus will be with Canon’s EOS DSLR Camera line which is manufactured by Canon Inc., a Japanese imaging and optics manufacturer based in Tokyo, Japan. ”Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR)” cameras are designed to take high quality digital photographs using a single lens for view-finding and capturing an image. This is done by reflecting the light that travels through the lens with a mirror and a prism and projecting it through the viewfinder. The image projected through the viewfinder at the back of the camera is more or less what is captured by the camera’s image sensor. This provides the photographer with accuracy in terms of capturing the eye sees. This is in contrast to point-and-shoot cameras which uses different lenses for view-finding and image-capturing. (Harris, Tom. N.D.)
EOS or “Electro-Optical System” is Canon’s brand name for its autofocus enabled SLR’s—this includes both digital and film system cameras. However, this paper will solely discuss the digital SLR line.
Canon EOS DSLR’s also feature an interchangeable lens system which provides flexibility to achieve desired effects and performance. The EF (Electro-Focus) lens mount is the standard for Canon’s EOS product range with different types of lenses compatible with any of the EOS cameras. This enables the photographer to customize the camera depending on what is being photographed (wildlife, portraits, sports and other subject matter), conditions (such as lighting and distance), or budget.
EOS DSLR’s are further divided into three categories, each aimed at different market segments: entry-level, enthusiast and professional (EOS Digital SLR Cameras, N.D.; Canon Holds No. 1 Share, 2013).

Camera Category | Segment Description | Product Model Nomenclature | Common Features | Price Point | Entry-Level | New users , casual photographers | Rebel, Kiss, Three digit (EOS…...

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