Capital Punishment Should Be Illegal

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Capital Punishment Should Be Illegal

Capital Punishment Should Be Illegal
Capital punishment has been legal, illegal, and as of now is legal again, under certain circumstances and depending on the location. These circumstances can vary from state to state and the federal government may also decide they have grounds to seek capital punishment, even if the crime is in a state that doesn’t allow the death penalty. With such uncertainty about whether capital punishment should be legal or illegal, it is important to take a closer look at some of the reasons why it should be illegal which include; the risk of innocent people being executed, evidence of racial bias in regards to sentencing for the death penalty, and the cost of the death penalty in comparison to the cost of life in prison without parole. In the end you will see that an eye for an eye is not the answer.
Bedau set out to provide the information to show why the death penalty should be illegal. Bedau started out looking at the questions that have caused argument throughout the years in regard to the death penalty. The questions he sought to answer were: Is the death penalty more of a deterrent than imprisonment, is there racial bias when it comes to administering the death penalty, what are the risk that someone who is innocent could be prosecuted, and what is the risk that someone who is convicted of a capital offense will commit again?
During Bedau’s research to determine if capital punishment is no more of a deterrent than imprisonment, he found that they were both ineffective in preventing murders. He found very little evidence to support his idea that the death penalty was being administered based on racial bias. In regards to the risk that someone who was innocent being executed, he found it to be impossible to calculate that risk. His answer to the question about the risk for someone to reoffend…...

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