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We have come a long way from the days of Feudalism where Lords were land (fief) owners and the vassals were the common folk who provided a service to the Lord for use of the land, whether it is to serve in the military or other forms as requested. This was the way of life in medieval times, up until the 15th century (Hirst, 2012). From here, the transition began from Feudalism to the early stage Capitalism, where the ordinary people broke away from the Feudal system and owned property and the means of production as well as the resources to make and maintain wealth (, 2012).

England in the 1800’s was hard in comparison to today. The life expectancy for a man aged 20 in 1850 was 60.1 years compared to 76.7 in 2004 (Geoff Canyon's Appeal to Authority, 2009). This was mainly due to the living conditions and especially those in the poor area of East London, where animals not only shared the often over crowed living area with humans but also the human waste that was thrown onto the streets. Often those who lived in the bottom apartments lived close to if not in the stench, more so than those who lived multiple stories above the streets. With the pollution of human waste in the streets and the polluted River Thames from the sewage of the West End, no matter where you lived in the East End, you still had to walk through the rising filth. These living conditions were the main reason for the various outbreaks of diseases, sores and premature deaths during the 1800’s (Engels, 2005).

Engels (2005) further discussed that a lack of medical assistance was a major issue, those that needed help had no way of obtaining it. Therefore, many of the illnesses of today were undiagnosed then; this could have been a major cause to many of the problems experienced during those times. The situation would have been made worse during the years that the Jewish…...

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