Captain Edith Strong Case Study Paper

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Captain Edith Strong
Jennifer Mathiesen
Managing Criminal Justice Personnel
June 10, 2013
Mark Weissmann
Captain Edith Strong Captain Edith Strong is an 18 year law enforcement veteran and is currently the watch commander of a Field Operations Division in the city of Rogerville; a city that covers 65.4 square miles and has more than 101,000 citizens. The Field Operations Division is mostly made up of White males. There is a definitive chain of command and each job is clear-cut and each officer follows his or her job description religiously. Deviation of a job description always result in disciplinary action, which typically results in a write up. This division takes care of 62% of the departments’ measurable workload, yet has 58% of the manpower. Within the division there is a lieutenant who serves as an assistant, three lieutenants who serve as watch commanders, one traffic sergeant who oversees six officers, a neighborhood police unit sergeant who oversees 10 officers, three school reserve officers, and 71 patrol officers. Officers with specialized assignments have more job satisfaction and higher morale mostly because these officers can interact with other officers and create meaningful relationships. However, almost every patrol officer is dissatisfied because of an endless workload, which leads these officers to cut corners to complete everything in one shift. Additionally, because of department policy no more than two officers can meet at a time, outside backup, so there is little opportunity to build relationships with other officers. This extreme dissatisfaction has put the division’s ability to effectively function in peril. Through this paper the author will address four things with hopes of coming up with a solution that meets both the needs of the department and the needs of the employees (More, Vito & Walsh, 2012).
Captain Strong’s…...

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