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Care Homes Marketing Process


How would you lead the marketing process within a Signature community to ensure you get the full ‘buy-­‐ in’ of the team? Since the Sales Teams and General Managers won’t actually report to the Marketing Manager and will have to implement much of the marketing, how would you as the Marketing Manager direct and influence marketing at the site level?

Marketing Process

Step 1: Feedback

Gather feedback and input on existing approach to Marketing Understand current situation in terms of Marketing approach at each of the homes Gather feedback and input from General Managers, Sales Team and Customers Research consumer markets and understand market trends, competition, consumer needs and spending habits

Current Marketing

Step 2: Plan

Develop Marketing Plan for each home using feedback and input gathered Set up Project Team for each home, include General Managers and Sales Team Use customer insight to develop each Marketing Plan Each plan to be consistent in terms of overall brand strategy and should follow overall marketing strategy

Step 3: Key Stakeholders…...

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