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Introduction As the figures of unemployment amongst fresh graduates has been steadily increasing over the past several years, it is imperative for students to prepare to face the probability of not being able to secure the job that they have already set their minds on. According to a study conducted by the Ministry of Higher Education in 2011, out of 184, 581 students who graduated, 44, 391 (24%) of them are unemployed. Among the reasons for unemployment were that the jobs were not suitable and graduates were not confident to face the workplace. Therefore, it is important for fresh graduates to be able to adapt quickly to their situation as there might be a chance that they might not be able to secure the job they want. As the members of this group consists of those studying Psychology and Mass Communication, the area of expertise or the first career choices of each member include to become a counselor, therapist, educational psychologist, clinical psychologist, forensic psychologist and journalist. This assignment will talk about the prospective career choices that can be made with either a Degree in Psychology or Mass Communication should the members of this group are unable to secure the jobs listed above. Three alternative job options will be highlighted, which includes jobs in the field of Advertising, Public Relations and Human Resource.

Advertising For a job as an Advertising Sales Executive, the academic requirement is to have a Diploma/ Higher Diploma/ Degree in Marketing/ Business/ Advertising/ Media & Mass Communication or equivalent. The job also requires a minimum of two years working experience in the field. After graduation, the skills a graduate will have acquired will include the ability to come up with creative designs with Photoshop and Illustrator, have an understanding of media use and ethics as well…...

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