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Career Plan Analysis
John David

Career Plan Analysis
This paper will analyze the results of my career building activity and describe how it relates to my communication and leadership style. This paper will also briefly review my career matches, competencies, and work culture preferences and describe how business communication applies to my career plan building activity.
Communication and Career Matches
Communication plays a key role in the success of all individuals in all types of career. The results of my career plan analysis revealed that I will be successful in careers including material recording, scheduling, dispatching, and distributing workers. My results also revealed that careers as sales representatives; wholesale and manufacturing are best fit. In addition, I will be effective as supervisors of installation, maintenance and repair workers. According to Lesiker & Flattley (2008), “Communication is the most used skill in almost every job” (Ch. 1). I will need communication skill to succeed in almost all the above jobs.
Career plan analysis reveal that I will be competent in the roles including entrepreneurial thinking, goal focus, researching, taking initiative, organizing, and following instructions. All these competencies will require me to have good communication skills and everything we learned from business communication will enable me to be successful in all these competencies.
Work Culture Preference
Career plan analysis reveals that I am ethical and well-resourced person, and my emphasis is on fairness for all. I am active in promoting equal rights and justice for all. I use every opportunity to contribute positively to society and make a difference to people’s lives. I enjoy working in a safe place that is comfortable and well designed with all resources. I value ethics while communicating to groups and…...

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