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Shireen Ng Suet Yeen (B0802681) After having the discussion session with the guest speaker on the topic of human rights, there are some insights about it. Human rights are something that humans are born with, it is innate, and it is about our rights and what we deserve.

Human rights are important to ourselves and youth work because we fight for what we deserve and get what are ours. Besides, this also gives recognition as a person. For example, people will always demand something because they think that they deserve it. This will also be motivation in our lives. People always try their best to get what they want and what they deserve. Therefore, human right is about dignity, and the rights to demand and ask. There are some examples of human rights that humans always fight for, which include health, education, shelter, basic needs, quality, and equality. One question about education that most students will be asking will be “How to increase the chance to have a degree?” This issue will not be a problem to those students who can afford the tuition fees in colleges or universities, however this may be a major issue to those students who are willing to learn but they cannot afford the tuition fees. Besides, the current situation of youths in Malaysia or other parts of the world is that they are ignorant, get involved in drug addiction, and also face poverty (indigenous). They are easily influenced by their peers or others because they look for excitement and also ways to kill boredom. Thus, they are addicted to drugs or involving themselves in gangs such as “Mat Rempit” to be in a gang and look for their identities. They feel a sense of closeness and belongingness getting around with people of their same interests. Moreover, talking about poverty in India, most of the people search and take things from the trashes and rubbishes to sell and earn their…...

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...Carter Cleaning Company is having issues in employees’ turnover and hiring the right people for the company. Other than that, they are also heavily dependent on skilled managers, cleaner-spotter and pressers. In order to have an effective hiring campaign, Jennifer and her father need to think long term while they hiring the staffs. As it is difficult to consider who will be beneficial their company for the long haul, there are few steps to help the company to reduce the turnover in the company, such as offer skill testing, profile for temperament, show appreciation, level the workload and hold regular review sessions. Skill testing is on of the tools that will help Jennifer and her father to determine whether they have found the best fit for each position the company has open. Not only that, it also will cut down on the company’s new applicant recruitment costs. The test can be done directly through the Human Resources Department or job placement agency. A temperament profile is the other steps to reduce employees’ turnover in the company, as each job description should include a consideration of the social aspects of the job. It can help to predict which people are best suited for different types of work. Placing people with the right temperament for a particular job can go a long way toward creating stability. Many employees almost always know when they are doing a mistake yet rarely hear any appreciation when they are doing something right. Therefore, showing......

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...ontinuing Case: The carter cleaning company: The job description1. What should be the format and final form of the store manager’s job description?Ans: The format noted in figure 4-6 could be a reasonable format to use. Students mayrecommend that Jen should include a “standards of performance” section in the job description.This lists the standards the employee is expected to achieve under each of the job description’smain duties and responsibilities, and would address the problem of employees notunderstanding company policies, procedures, and expectations. In addition, students mayrecommend that Jennifer instead take a competency-based approach which describes the job interms of the measurable, observable, behavioral competencies that an employee doing that jobmust exhibit. Because competency analysis focuses more on “how” the worker meets the job’sobjectives or actually accomplishes the work, it is more worker focused. 2.Was it practical to specify standards and procedures in the body of the job description,or should these be kept separately?Ans: They do not need to be kept separately, and in fact both Jen and the employees would be better served by incorporating standards and procedures into the body of the description. Theexception to this would be if the standards and procedures are so complex or involved that it becomes more pragmatic to maintain a separate procedures manua1. First, how would you recommend we go about reducing the turnover in our......

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...plans to attain specific goals. If the Carter Cleaning Company setting up a career planning program the company receives advantages such as improve leadership skills, keeping career on track, dealing with career problems, to help achieve educational targets effectively and also help to evaluate personality. A well-planned career helps to achieve goals. As time passes by, growth and needs change. On my mind, every employee in the company must participate in the career planning program because through this program employees achieve formal education, utilize development opportunities, establish goals, assess interests and skills, values, and responsibility for her/his career. Training and development programs play important role in career planning program too. Program provides different opportunities for learning skills and attitudes related to job. Through the career workshop every employee learning the event in which participant are expected to be actively involved. Career Development Program is lifelong activities which contribute to a person career exploration, establishment, and success. Career Development Programming is delivered through a combination of several processes and methods. I propose a career development program for Carter Cleaning Company which consists of individual development plan, career coaching/counseling plan, training and development program, and career workshop plan; and I hope it will be effective for the company. Individual Development Plan-......

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...) Make a list of five specific HR problems you think Carter Cleaning will have to grapple with. - non-trained stuff therefore low job performance - controlling labor costs - managing wages between those that work in dry cleaning side (skilled) and attendants (unskilled) - high turnovers - HR rules and protections not being followed 2) What would you do first if you were Jennifer? If I were in Jennifer's shoes the first thing I would do is meet with her father and discuss about how everything HR related was done in the company before she came. Then I would hold a meeting for all of the employees to introduce myself and ask them about their concerns or wants. Then I would analyze the data and map e a strategic plan on how I can motivate the managers to motivate their staffs, how to train new and old employees to make work done more efficiently , and establish a recruiting process. After speaking with managers and her father about what the employees need to be successful I would then run an add for a hiring event, to have candidates come in to the stores and see what motivates them to work. Carter Cleaning Company Case 2: 1) Is it true as Jack Carter claims “we can't be accused of being discriminatory because we hire mostly women and minorities anyway”? It is not true. Statements like this place his company at risk and show that he obviously needs a human resource manager who knows about current laws and regulations. Being the owner, he should have at least a basic......

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...resource management Carter Cleaning Company1 1. What would you do first if you were Jennifer? If I was Jennifer, I would have done the following things: -First thing, I would get information about the workforce, the employees, their situation and specific skills they have. I would try to find their motivations and their concerns in order to build a stronger relationship between them and my company. This first step must be develop during recruiting (one and one meeting) where I would have an overview about an applicant and see if he or she fits with the company’s goals. But Jenifer needs also to train them since her father wants the employees to do more different tasks. -Then I will set up a promotion plan so that employees’ motivation would be increase by working harder for their company. The issue is simple here; Tiffany has to deal with unskilled and unmotivated workforce who doesn’t really care about their job. So I would try to get them more involved by praising and compensating them. I would rather raise their salaries a bit more to keep them than doing many interviews that waste both time and money. -Last but not least, I would consider my employees as workers who add value to my company and service I provide and certainly not as “cost or adding charges”. This has to be one of the main matters of a human resource manager, about how to increase the employees’ value through management. I would provide to my employees clear data about the company in order......

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...ScorecardContinuing Case: The carter cleaning company: the high performance work system1.Would you recommend that the company expand its quality program? If so,specifically what form should it take?Ans: Most students will agree that there are opportunities to expand the quality program.The employee meeting approach is a good start in terms of utilizing high involvementorganizational practices. There are opportunities to maximize the overall quality of their human capital. For example, training seems to be an obvious area to focus in terms of educating and building awareness about basic standards and procedures. 2. Assume the company wants to institute a high performance work system as a testprogram in one of its stores. Write a one-page outline summarizing what such aprogram would consist of.Ans: Students should include some of the following ideas in their outline: Identify thetypes of HR practices it would implement to improve quality, productivity, financial performance; methods for job enrichment; strategies for implement and leverage a team- based organization; ways to implement and facilitate high commitment work practices;employee development and skill building to foster increased competency and capability inthe workforce; a compensation program which provides incentives (for example profitsharing; pay for performance) for achieving major goals and financial targets. Chapter 4: Job AnalysisContinuing Case: The carter cleaning company: The job description1.......

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...1. It is not true that the Carter Cleaning Company can’t be accused of being discriminatory just because they hire mostly women and minorities. Men could and majorities could feel like they are be discriminated against if that’s the case. 2. The company should take the complaint very serious. Encourage the two women to inform the manager that the conduct is not welcome. The company should issue a solid policy statement condemning such behavior and inform the employees about it. Managers and employees should be disciplined if they are involved. Keeping records of everything is very important. Lastly, the company should take steps to prevent sexual harassment. This would include communicating that the company will not tolerate sexual harassment and will take immediate action when complaints are received. 3. Develop an age discrimination policy and inform employees. Establishing a discipline program and let the employees know it will be effective immediately after a complaint. Discipline is very important to put into action. Lastly, keeping records of everything is very important. 4. If each of the six stores had five employees they are covered by equal rights. If there are 15 or more employees in the company they are covered. 5. Employer are required to post notices about the equal rights laws. There is training through the EEOC that every employee needs to go through. Keeping records of everything is very important even if it doesn’t involve a complaint. ...

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...HRM Assignment: The Carter Cleaning Company Submitted by: Group 13 ____________________________________________________________________________________________ 1. What to convey in the orientation The purpose of an orientation is to align the employees to the mission and values of the company. These programs are usually scheduled for the new recruits of the company but in the given scenario, an orientation program is required for all the individuals in the organization. The orientation program should be designed in a way that helps employees internalize the practices and procedures preferred by the Carters. Keeping the same as their primary objective, following will have to be conveyed during the orientation program. * The program must highlight the mission and values of the company. The employees must be made aware that their company strives to maximize customer satisfaction by offering superior service. * The program should cover the policies followed by the company. This will include the rules and regulations with regards compensation, leave procedure, health benefits etc. As attrition is a major concern, the exit policy should be clearly defined and communicated. * Also the program should cover the way an employee should behave while on duty. This would cover personal conduct rules with regard to smoking, using the telephone for personal calls etc. Also as most of the employees would be directly interacting with the customers, the program......

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...Although small companies may not need to have specific training programs, in order to grow and maintain consistency within a business, more concrete programs need to be put in place. Carter Cleaning Company should update their orientation program, identification of tasks performed by employees and use specific training techniques to accomplish their goal of growing their business and maintaining consistent employee results. To standardize employee behavior and performance, and have the ability to measure an employee's success in these areas, there must be rules and guidelines to follow. The purpose of this paper is to explain specifically what Carter Cleaning Company should cover in their new employee orientation program, explain why a job instruction sheet will help their counter person in the performance of their job, and describe specific training techniques the company should use to train pressers, cleaners/spotters, managers and counter people. The purpose for these changes is to increase employer and customer retention as well as standardize all aspects of the different jobs when they begin to expand to more cleaning sites. The Carters have progressed from a small company whose policies and procedures were scattered and unfocussed to a company who now needs to implement more formal orientation, training policies, and procedures to ensure job consistency and employee and customer retention. Dessler (2013) gives a brief synopsis of some of the difficulties......

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...should the Carters cover in their new employee orientation program and how should they convey this information? Employee orientation is done so that the new employees can be informed of everything they need to function and also it should help the employees get emotionally attached to the firm. Orientation content: * Information on employee benefits * Working Hours * Vacations * Supervisory reporting relationship * Familiarizing employee with colleagues and workplace * Personnel policies * The daily routine * Company organization and operations * Safety measures and regulations * Facilities tour This information can be conveyed through various mediums. One way is through an employee handbook. This would state the company policies, benefits, and regulations. It is the expectations from the employee and also from the company. It should also contain the employee’s rights. It states the general employment information. Another way they can convey the information is through orientation technology. They can take advantage of the web and have all their information placed online so that the employee can easily access the information and learn about the company. They can also use videos and lectures and different exercises to inform the employees on different aspects of the company. 2. In the HR management course Jennifer took, the book suggested using a job instruction sheet to identify tasks performed by an employee. Should the Carter......

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...CHAPTER V Carter Cleaning Company 1. First, how would you recommend we go about reducing the turnover in our stores? We have to hire more qualified employees (e.g. high school graduate). If the employee has a better education, we didn’t need not so much time for training him. If we want to hire somebody without a high school grad, we can cooperate with colleges. The disadvantage is that it is expensive and time consuming. Another possibility is to hire someone who has already worked for us (rehiring). These people have already the skills and knowledge and we won’t waste time in training. To find an approach why so many employees leave, it is important to interview employees to improve the work environment. 2. Provide a detailed list of recommendations concerning how we should go about increasing our pool of acceptable job applicants so we no longer face the need to hire almost anyone who walks in the door. (Recommendations regarding the latter should include completely worded online and hard-copy advertisements and recommendations regarding any other recruiting strategies you would suggest we use.) At first we create a detailed list with all requirements we need for the job. There are different strategies to find suitable employees: * Internal candidates Unsuitable for us, because we need a permanent staff before we can promote someone. * Rehiring If we know somebody who did a good job and want to come back. It’s a win-win situation. *......

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...Continuing Case Chapter 8 8-32: Orientation program for Carters: Carter Cleaning Company can should cover about Information on employee benefits, personnel policies, daily routine, company organization and operations, safety measures and regulations and arrange a facilities tour with the help of supervisor. As [Dessler, Gary, 2015] says successful orientation should accomplish four things for new employees, so carter cleaning company also should follow the following steps to convey information to their new employees. 1. Make them feel welcome and at ease. 2. Help them understand the organization in a broad sense. 3. Make clear to them what is expected in terms of work and behavior. 4. Help them begin the process of becoming socialized Bottom of Forminto the firm’s ways of acting and doing things. 8-33: Job Instruction sheet: As the carters want their employees to behave properly with their customers they should use a job instruction sheet. It can be like the following one. Steps | Key points | Greetings | n/a | Collecting garments | Checking the stains and damages. | Placing garments | Making sure different customer’s clothes are not mixed up. | Writing tickets and giving receipts | Ensure all the information are correct. | Saying courteous comments when the customer eaves. | n/a | 8-34: Training techniques: The pressers and cleaner-spotters should be trained using on the job trainings like Coaching / Understudy Approach. Job instruction sheet also...

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...In brief: This chapter gives an overview of the selection process, testing concepts, types of tests, and selection techniques. It also addresses legal and ethical questions surrounding the area of testing and selection. Interesting issues: Most companies desire reference and background information to make employment decisions, however, most companies also have policies against giving out any information on current or past employees beyond basic job titles and dates of employement. Students need to see the tug-of-war between privacy rights and employer needs for background and predictive information. Lecture Outline I. The Selection Process A. Why the Careful Selection is Important 1. Performance 2. Costs 3. Legal Implications and Negligent Hiring II. Basic Testing Concepts A. Validity 1. Criterion Validity 2. Content Validity B. Reliability 1. Retest Estimate 2. Equivalent Form Estimate 3. Internal Consistency C. Sources of Unreliability 1. Poor Sampling of the Material 2. Chance Response Tendencies 3. Testing Conditions 4. Changes in the Person D. How to Validate a Test 1. Analyze the Job 2. Choose your Tests 3. Administer the Test a. concurrent validation b. predictive validation 4. Relate Test Scores and Criteria Figure 5-3 on page 178 shows a sample expectancy chart. 5. Cross-validation and Revalidation E. Testing......

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